We value your time and wishes in badminton development.  It's for this reason that we offer a number of different training levels. 


Level 1 - Beginners

Join with other beginners, so that you can feel part of the group. This 8 session program will have you playing all the basic strokes, understanding the rules and playing doubles and singles (if you want to!).


This 8 session course is focused on beginners, so you don't have to feel threatened 
by more experienced players.

All the basic strokes will be covered over the sessions and the rules will be explained. Court movements will be practiced.

By the completion of these sessions you will be able to play a game of singles (only if you want to!) or doubles.

The following will be provided to participants during the sessions: 
  • Rules of badminton booklet
  • CCBA Level 1 badminton shirt
  • Level 1 skills booklet

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Level 2 - Intermediate

Here you can develop the basic stroke production gained in the Level 1 course to be more powerful and used in the right context, develop footwork around the court and learn much more about tactics.


These 8 sessions build on the learning attained during the Level 1 course. Additional work is undertake on stroke production to ensure their use at the appropriate times and the development of power and touch.

Footwork and movement around the court will be taken to the next level and game and court tactics developed.

Tactics and team work singles, doubles and mixed games will be covered.

As part of this level you will receive:
  • CCBA Level 2 shirt
  • Level 2 skills booklet
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Level 3 - Advanced

Further develop your stroke production, footwork and tactics to become a competent club player and join in the competition.


At the completion of the level successful participants will be competent club level players.

These sessions are based on skills and tactic development by the use of training routines, focused on the needs of the participants. 

As a participant you will receive:
  • CCBA Level 3 shirt
  • Advanced tactics booklet

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Workshop Series

Skills practice, with a specific set of strokes or skills per workshop. This will give you plenty of time to practice!

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Focused Small Group Coaching

Coaching session for individuals and small groups (up to 4 players). The objectives of the session are established and agreed between the participants before the session commences.

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 shuttleonracquetSocial Competition (Handicapped)

This a doubles competition, where each player is allocated a handicap, which allows for all standards of players to be accommodated. Handicaps are adjusted each week, so players can see their improvement by their handicaps being reduced.

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